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  • GoWISE USA Body Fat Scale Review

    Weight Scale

    Motivation comes through progress so it’s important that progress is monitored. Weight Scales are interesting. Some believe they’re a useful tool to have on their weight dropping journey, others find them frustrating, looking down at their scales, feeling discouraged because of not dropping the amount of weight they had hoped. I, myself use scale. I […]

  • CLA Safflower Oil Review

    Lose Weight and add Muscle

    Losing weight is great. Never having gained the weight is best. CLA Safflower Oil says it can help do both. That’s quite the claim isn’t it? The thing that gives CLA Safflower Oil its crediability among weight loss solutions, aside from thousands of testimonials across the internet, is the backing of Doctor Oz and other experts in the […]

  • 4 Transformational Yoga Courses that Help

    Yoga Courses

    Yoga is perhaps the best method to increase both physcial and metal health. I practice it often for that very reason. I came to Yoga four years ago. At that time the only thing worse than my romantic relationship was my health. I was finishing up school and didn’t have any balance in my life. […]

  • The 3 Week Diet” Review Lose 21 Pounds in 21 days!

    The 3 Week Diet

    100% transparency. Me and Diets have a love hate relationship. I’ve been on diets that felt like cheating, magic almost, and I’ve been on others where the only thing I lost was my time…and patience…and hope…and a lot of other things that I won’t get into because I’m sure it will just make me depressed. […]