The 3 Week Diet” Review Lose 21 Pounds in 21 days!

The 3 Week Diet

The 3 Week Diet

100% transparency.

Me and Diets have a love hate relationship.

I’ve been on diets that felt like cheating, magic almost, and I’ve been on others where the only thing I lost was my time…and patience…and hope…and a lot of other things that I won’t get into because I’m sure it will just make me depressed.

There’s probably not a soul on this planet that hasn’t given a diet there best shot.

Results vary because diets vary. We, as people vary. Some give more commitment to their diet than others. It’s truly hard sometimes to tell the difference between the good diet programs and the ones you should run away from.

Why? Because our bodies are different. The effort we give is different. Everything’s different.

With that said,  below I review the famous 3 week Diet. Yes, I’ve tried it myself, about a year ago, me and friend did it together. It says Lose up to 21 pounds in 21 days…so what happened? Did I?

First, you have to understand that no diet works on its own. It must be accompanied by strategies that get the most out of it.

To really see best results from any diet plan you choose to use, you need to learn a few ‘diet commandments’.

These are guidelines that must be followed if you are going to see superior results that will help propel you forward.

Sadly, many people miss out on one or more of these and it greatly costs them their success.

Want to learn more? Check out the list of five commandments below.

Thou Shall Eat More Protein

Of all the foods that you could eat while on a fat loss diet, protein is perhaps the most important.

Protein helps combat hunger, it helps stabilize blood glucose levels, and it helps prevent lean muscle mass loss. This in turn helps speed up your metabolism and accelerates the process of fat loss.

Don’t let your diet intake fall short. Aim to eat some protein in each and every meal and snack that you consume.

Thou Shall Eat Regularly

While the concept that your metabolism will increase the more often you eat isn’t entirely accurate — as the boost you get after a meal is directly related to the size of that meal — eating regularly does help to keep hunger at bay.

By feeding your body frequently throughout the day, you’ll help avoid food cravings, energy lows, and make it that much easier to stick to your diet program. Looking for tattoo shops near me, come visit the tattoo shop.

Thou Shall Prioritize Fresh Foods

When selecting your foods, eating fresh is a must. We live in a world where processed foods are around every corner and just waiting to cause us weight gain.

Eliminate these and you’ll really give your diet a boost. Focus on foods in their natural state — fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats and oils, and lean proteins.

If you only make one change to your diet plan, make it this one.

Thou Shall Set Short Term Goals

One diet rule that you should abide by and follow is to always set short term goals for yourself. Think about what you are doing in the here and now, not months from now. It’s too easy to lose sight of your goals if they are going to take place six months to a year down the road.

Try thinking in three-week segments. Three weeks is about how long it takes for good habits to form, so is the perfect amount of time to you build behaviors that will stand the test of time.

This is precisely why The 3 Week Diet was created. It will help you stay motivated and consistent until you don’t even have to think about making those changes any longer — They’ll just be automatic.

Thou Shall Stop Comparisons

Finally, stop comparing yourself to others. Realize that this is your own journey and your own body. It’s unlike anyone else’s so you simply can’t expect to see the same results as everyone else.

Instead, start comparing yourself today to yourself from yesterday. That will give you all the details you need to know. If each day you are getting better, you are successful in your journey.

So keep these diet commandments in mind. Focus on these and you can feel confident that you are headed in the right direction.

With all this in mind, I go on the 3 week diet.

It started off a bit uninspiring. I didn’t get the results I expected to see during first week.

Some diets start off working well, and the taper off the longer you’re on it. Other’s start off slower, but with consistency pick up toward the end.

It seemed “The 3 week Diet” was the second of the two. This isn’t a bad thing. I actually prefer it this way.

Of course all of our bodies are different. The way you lose weight isn’t the way I lose. Regardless this diet had a lot to prove to me in the next two weeks in order to be deemed worth it.

The second week I lost a total of seven pounds.

And I know this because I weighed myself on the trusty GoWISE USA Body scale. Review HERE. So I was happy. Or rather on the way to happy. The 3 week Diet says you can lose “Up to 21 pounds. “Up to” being the key phrase. I don’t like to set myself up for disappointment so I set a goal for a conservative 15 pounds.

Two weeks in I was almost halfway there.

Then the third week comes.

And wow.

The weight just drops off, surprisingly, easily.

Had I known that most of it would fall off during the last week I wouldn’t have spent the first week frustrated and considering trying to get my money back.

All told I ended up losing 17 pounds. It was right after Christmas season so I definitely needed the weight off.

The 3 week diet came through. That being said, no diet works on it’s own. Anyone who tells you different is wrong, or lying…probably lying. Diets must be accompanied with exercise, and even more important, consistency. Day in and day out, consistency.

21 Days is All It Takes.

Many exercise and diet programs try to give you a long, difficult system.

The reason they do that is so you think you’re getting a lot of value for the money, even if you don’t lose that much weight.

Those companies are hoping you’ll jump through all the hoops and read their 400-page books, and think, “wow, they really gave me a lot of stuff for just $30.”

But in reality, it doesn’t matter how much stuff you get… it matters how much weight you lose!

Take a look at their website yourself and see if you feel it’s worth your purchase. The price as of now comes in at $47 USD, but they are running deals from Dec 11th to the 18th. Might want to hippidy hop on that soon.

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