4 Transformational Yoga Courses that Help

Yoga Courses

Yoga Courses

Yoga is perhaps the best method to increase both physcial and metal health.

I practice it often for that very reason.

I came to Yoga four years ago.

At that time the only thing worse than my romantic relationship was my health.

I was finishing up school and didn’t have any balance in my life.

I discovered Yoga and it helped me both grow healthier and find some peace. (Thank the heavens for peace)

Below I review and grade 4 of the more popular Yoga training Programs available. They have different strengths and weaknesses, but if you’re really considering Yoga I’m sure you’re find something that fits you perfect.

1. HerYogaSecrets.com

About HerYogaSecrets.com

HerYogaSecrets.com offers you YogaBurn!

YogaBurn is an instructional course on yoga that helps you drop pounds with ease.

It’s available in both digital and DVD formats, which ever you prefer.

YogaBurn was created by Zoey Bray-Cotton. Zoey’s a certified Yoga Instructor, certified personal trainer, and certained fitness expert.

Zoey has taught all major forms and styles of Yoga for over a decade through some of the most well known and renowned gyms in North America as well as Yoga Studios.

How much Does it Cost?

YogaBurn Digital Plus Physical is $37 USD

YogaBurn Digital Plus Two Phyiscal Copies is $57 USD

My View

There are obviously better ways to lose weight than Yoga.

But what Yoga does so well is that it combines the physcial aspect of dropping pounds with the mental and spiritual aspect of the Yoga itself.

The progress you make dropping the pounds obviously depends on how often you do it, but you make a regular commitment to Yoga Burn you will get your money’s worth and then some.


4/5 ****

Looking for More information? Find it HERE.

2. Yoga-For-Healing.com

About Yoga-For-Healing.com

Yoga-For-Healing.com is similar to HerYogaSecrets.

Both offer instructional videos.

The difference is in their focus.

While HerYogaSecrets is about shedding pounds, Yoga-For-Healing focuses on recovery and wellness.

Yoga-For-Healing was created by Tera Bucasas, while being a great Yoga enthusiast she suffered a setback in her health that prevented her from practicing and teaching Yoga like she was accustomed. This setback lead her to change her strategy when it came to Yoga and she transitioned to a more healing and recovery based practice.

How much does it Cost?

Yoga-For-Healing materials cost $97 USD. This includes 7 unique videos and a 25 page workbook that’s detailed and gives step by step instructions for those just starting out.


The value for Yoga-For-Healing greatly depends on one’s health. Since it’s based in healing those who are recovering from injuries, internal and external will find more value in Yoga-For-Healing than those who are healthy.


3.5/5 *****

3. BrilliantYoga.com

About BrilliantYoga.com

BrilliantYoga.com is a personalized Yoga system that tones and strengths your body.

By practicing the various postures, you not only relax your body, but also increase your flexibility and improve your endurance.

Moreover, it can help you be a more positive and likeable person as a good Yoga instructor lifts the moods of their clients.

BrilliantYoga.com was created by Sarah Sanders.

A Yoga Instructor for more than 20 years Sarah seeks to help each and every one of her students craft the body they always wanted.

How much does it Cost?

The BrilliantYoga “How To” Ebook comes in at $37 USD


BrillantYoga may be the most balanced out of all the Yoga Products in this review.

There is a phyiscal toning focus as well as exercises to increase one’s self-confidence. I bought the “How To” BrilliantYoga Ebook two years ago when I was just starting out. It’s a great introduction to Yoga, and a great gift for a loved one who may be thinking about trying it.


4/5 ****

Looking for more information? Find it HERE

4. LiveYogaLife.com

About LiveYogaLife.com

LiveYogaLife.com finds it’s focus mostly on relaxation, both in Yoga and in life.

LiveYogaLife has the widest range of classes of the products listed in this article. Including Beginners Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga, and Seniors Yoga.

LiveYogaLife comes with more than a dozen Yoga Instructiors, male and female, with all different styles of instucting.

LiveYogaLife was founded by Monica Anderson in 2007. She left her corporate legal career to pursue of true passion of practicing and teaching Yoga and after nearly a decade she has one of the best repuations in the Yoga training community.

How much does it Cost?

Because of the wide range of courses prices range from $48 to around $70 USD depending upon which course you elect to take.

Most courses consist of at least 7 different classes which has specific tailored made courses that you can sign up for.


LiveYogaLife prides itself on the variety in presents to it’s potential customers.

They have several different classes in several different genres you can apply for and gets your money’s worth. I, myself, only have experience with Ashtanga Yoga Beginners complete set.

This specific class was $58.65 and well worth the money. LiveYogaLife can also claim to be the only product listed that has more than one teacher, sporting a roster of more than a dozen instructors to fit your specific needs.


4.5/5 ***** (Depends obviously on what class you take)

Looking for More information? Find it HERE

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