GoWISE USA Body Fat Scale Review

Weight Scale

Motivation comes through progress so it’s important that progress is monitored.

GoWISE USA Digital Body Fat Scale

Weight Scales are interesting.

Some believe they’re a useful tool to have on their weight dropping journey, others find them frustrating, looking down at their scales, feeling discouraged because of not dropping the amount of weight they had hoped.

I, myself use scale. I have two. One, this one, that’ll I’ll detail below, the other, my first one, is old and hardly works.

I hang on to it for sentimental reasons.

I’m not here to pontificate on the usefulness of scales when it comes to losing weight. Promise.

But if you happen to be in the market for one, feel free to….

This scale is great.

High Tech, but not too high tech.

“Oh my gosh how does this fricken thing work?” You don’t have to worry about that with this scale.

It’s simple.

You add your body weight and other personal stats before you step on the scale, after that (with bare feet) it takes your weight and measures muscle%, bodyfat%, water%, and bone weight.

Cool right?

This scale gives me accurate weight and reads the same as the one at my gym.

It turns on effortlessly and requires no hurdles to jump through to find your measurements.

Other scales have to be turned on before you step on them or toe tapped to get started.

None of that here.

You simply step on and get a near instantaneous readout.

Then, you wait about 5 seconds longer (yes I counted) and get the BIA readouts.

I needed a new scale and this son of a gun came through for me.

And yes, I just said son of a gun. Country girl, can’t help it.

Because of all the information GoWise USA scale reads out,  body fat, muscle mass and bone density etc, it’s help me measure both my weightlifting and pound dropping progress.

On top of that the scale is very attractive from the blue digital display to the black tempered glass to the silver discs which look better than other scales that use metal strips or bars.

The styling also goes well with any modern type decor bathroom.

The most important part of any scale is the accuracy.

Time and time again the scale accurately reads my weight.

Which is glorious. There’s nothing worse than getting on a scale, read it, think you lost 10 pounds, celebrate…

And then get on the scale at the gym and realize you actually gained two. (Sigh)

Yes this has happened to me. Yes more than once.

I actually wasn’t going to do a review on the scale.

It’s not that big of an investment so I didn’t think people would need one, but the price recently dropped from $59.95 to $29.95.

At that price it’s too good to pass up.

I’m buying another one to give to my aunt for Christmas. Or would that send the wrong message? Hmm, lol.

Anyway might want to hop on it fast. Amazon has a tendency to change prices rather quickly. Good luck!

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