Uncooked meals and bathroom Breaks? (Dr. Doug Graham)

Does eating fruits and vegetables mean you have to camp near bathroom.  It’s a very good question I find it fascinating that the official urological position on urinary frequency is that if you are urinating fewer than five times per day. You are definitely dehydrated that if you are urinating more than 15 times per day not only is it likely inconvenient but there’s a good chance that you have something that is incorrectly referred to as a sugar metabolic disorder and so they give a range of normal being between five and 15 with a target at that point being what one would think 10 would be the target. If five was the bottom and 15 was the top.

But according to the official urinary groups of the world you know the euro urologists of the world they say five is the bottom 15 is the top.  Therefore the target is six to eight I don’t agree with them.  I think the target is 8 to 12.  If you want to refine it you’re going to really find that if you stick with the program it’s almost always gonna be can it’s almost always going to be 10 It’s just almost miraculous how consistent that number comes up for people who follow the program 10 times for 24 hours which is once roughly every two and a half hours well this excuse me we haven’t got there yet this does mean that during the course of an eight-hour nine or ten our night in bed that it is normal to get up and pee it is normal to get up and pee we have proof of this before alarm clocks before electricity before the internet there was life on planet earth and a tremendous number of things about the night were discovered including people having sufficient time to go out and name all the constellations people used to get up at night and P because they were in bed all night and there was time to do so we’ve now confined our time to the absolute minimum actually less than the minimum needed by using alarm clocks so we’re guaranteeing that we get sleep deprived which means we’ll be more susceptible to the mainstream mass hypnosis known as brainwashing marketing advertising because that’s one critical aspect of good brainwashing is sleep deprivation the other is separate you from your peers we’ve accomplished that fully we now live in isolated society but it is normal to get up it is not normal to wake up it is not a requirement that you wake up in order to p that is not what happens the sleep cycle is roughly 75 to 90 minutes long you go from bottom top to bottom in roughly 75 to 90 minutes cycles at the end of each cycle you’re back where you started which is awake you wake up typically five times every night of your entire life during a good night’s sleep you wake up there’s nothing to notice and you go back to sleep and you remember it as oh yeah I rolled over once during the night or I rearranged my pillow or I pulled the blanket up or pulled it down that’s about all you remember from having woken up unless during that brief moment of clarity you go oh and I have to pee but you didn’t wake up to pee you woke up and noticed you needed to pee and so you do and you take care of business and you go back to bed how many times should you poop I don’t really care Stephen how often you poop everybody’s wondering well according to the doctor’s as long as you are regular it is normal and I have had clients come to me who told me that their doctor said there’s nothing to worry about as long as their regular once per week every Monday is normal as long as it’s every week I’m thinking about people with 21 meals and their gut wondering why they have a punch how often should you poop while baby’s poop pretty much every time they eat I have not done a lengthy study on what’s normal typically I find most people putu five times a day as reasonably normal I mean most primates can poop whenever they want to in fact it is it is fairly common primate behavior to poop on invaders from above I mean at will so they don’t they don’t try to get it all done now and be done for the I think more important is to know that that it should be as effortless is blinking your eyes that it should fall out of you that it should be clean that or at least reasonably that there should be no aroma associated with your pool other than that of the fruit or vegetable that you ate that the color should be something akin to the food you ate that that it should never be hard and formed like a log it should just fall apart into the water and look like you poured fish food in the water basically

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