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  • Listen Carefully : Republicans are Telling You Just How Screwed Pre-Existing Conditions Are

    Listen Carefully

    Headlines from around the country with angry constituents at town hall meetings has me positively glowing.  There are many things on their minds, but the one common thread is the repeal of the ACA. The ACA is now MORE POPULAR than it ever was before.  Because NOW the threat of it’s repeal is more real […]

  • France: Number 1 Healthcare System in the World

    So, turns out there are tons of information available about the French healthcare system. And, of course, all systems are complex with many different facets.  In this blog post, I’m going to point out a few things I found most interesting.  At the end are all the resources you can read for further understanding and […]

  • Diabetic Math: What the GOP “Plan” Looks Like For a Person with Diabetes

    As I well knew, the GOP “plan” for replacement falls way short.  Really, all it’s doing is returning us to Pre-Obamacare error health insurance industry with only two differences:   a tax credit for insurance and a tax on “Cadillac plans”. Yeah.. Pretty much a big fat nothing of a plan. But let’s put it into […]

  • Uncooked meals and bathroom Breaks? (Dr. Doug Graham)

    Does eating fruits and vegetables mean you have to camp near bathroom.  It’s a very good question I find it fascinating that the official urological position on urinary frequency is that if you are urinating fewer than five times per day. You are definitely dehydrated that if you are urinating more than 15 times per […]